Math Placement Exam (MPE)

ALL freshmen, regardless of SAT or AP/IB scores, must take the Math Placement Exam before coming to New Student Orientation.

ALL transfer students are encouraged to take the Math Placement Exam before coming to New Student Orientation, and are required to take the Math Placement Exam if they:

  • do not have equivalent credit for MATH140 and have received a 2.0 in that class

  • or

  • if they are entering the School of Public Health (SPHL) and College of Behavioral & Social Sciences (BSOS), regardless of prior course work and credits.

  • School of Engineering (ENGR) and School of Business (BMGT) transfer students do not need to take the Math Placement Exam.

    Once you start one portion of the exam, you have to finish it. So don't start unless you are ready! You may take each part separately, but all parts must be complete before coming to your program.

    The Math Placement Exam is not a test used to decide if you should be admitted to the university. It is an exam that determines what level math course(s) you should take, based on your knowledge of the subject. Administrators in the Math Department and your academic adviser use this information combined with SAT/ACT scores and previous course grades to evaluate your math skills. Transfer students are encouraged to take the exam, even if they have fufilled the requirements that exempt them from taking it.

    Your score will automatically be sent to your adviser who will then help you to pick the right math courses when you're on campus for orientation. It is to your advantage to follow instructions and policies. Soliciting outside help with the exam can only hurt you if it results in your placement into math beyond your true ability.


    Before starting your Math Placement Exam, you should have signed up for a Directory ID. Your Directory ID is the set of characters before the portion of your university e-mail address.

    For example:
    University e-mail
    Directory ID-jdoe

    Need additional math help before taking the exam?

    We recommend reviewing the following information as well as upcoming workshops and classes on campus to help you prepare for the Math Placement Exam. The format of the test, topics covered, test-taking strategies, and sample problems are provided.


    After clicking the Math Placement Exam link on the bottom of this page you will see the login screen.
    Fill in the necessary information here. We encourage you to read over the provided Math Placement Exam information before taking the exam.

    Select Exam Parts

    We encourage you to read over the provided Math Placement Exam information before taking the exam.

    The exam consists of four parts and one directions section. Please complete the Math Placement Exam Directions section before taking the exam.

    After you complete the directions, you may complete the following sections in any order you wish. It is recommended that you complete the sections in numerical order.

    Click on Part 1 to start taking the exam. Once you finish the first part, come back to this screen and continue with Parts 2, 3 and 4. You must complete all parts before your program. If you receive an error message when clicking on one of the parts, you most likely have already completed it.


    Continue to the Math Placement Exam
    The Math Placement Exam will be available starting March 7th, 2014 for admitted students. Taking the Math Placement Exam before that date will result in your scores being invalid for advising.


    If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the Math Placement Exam, please contact the Math Department directly at