UNIV100 TA Application

UNIV100 TA ApplicationUNIV

Please read the important information below before downloading the TA application at the bottom of the page.

  • Eligiblility:
    Undergraduate students interested in applying must
         1. have and maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.0
         2. be of sophomore, junior or senior standing by the fall of their TA experience.
    By next fall semester, those with sophomore, junior or senior standing will have 30+ credits currently posted on their undergraduate transcript—including AP and transfer credits.

  • Application and Selection Process:
    Any student that meets our qualifications is eligible to apply for a fall UNIV TA position during the spring semester. It is not a requirement to have previously taken UNIV100/101. Interested students should complete an application and participate in an interview with the New Student Programs staff. After the application and interview process, approximately 20-30 students will be asked to move forward in the UNIV100/101 TA selection process.

  • Course Credit and Grading:
    Once selected, TAs must register for two courses, EDUC388 (3-credits) and EDCP498 (1-credit). EDUC388 is a seminar for TAs that provides guidance and support as they are challenged in the UNIV classroom. The classroom time provides a peer network, as well as instructor support and feedback. EDCP498 allows each UNIV TA to receive credit for their experience in the UNIV classroom. While the grade received for EDUC388 is based on performance in the seminar, the grade received for EDCP498 is based on performance as a TA and is assigned by the instructor with whom the TA is paired.

  • TA/Instructor Pairings:
    The primary considerations when pairing TAs with Instructors is the UNIV course schedule and the fall semester availability of the potential TAs. When pairing, we attempt to match TAs with UNIV courses specific to their discipline or college. One final consideration when assigning TAs is an instructor request. If an Instructor requests a particular TA and the TA agrees to the placement, the pairing is made.

  • TA Obligations and Commitment:
    Students asked to move forward in the selection process are required to attend a TA Meet & Greet in April to discuss the next steps. Students who are selected as UNIV TAs must attend a daylong training in late August and are expected to fully participate in their UNIV100/101 class. UNIV100 sections typically run for 10-12 weeks, while UNIV101 sections run the entire semester. In addition, TAs must also participate fully in EDUC388. All applicants should realize that becoming an undergraduate TA is a serious commitment and students should be able to devote approximately 10 hours to their TA experience each week.

  • Within a given week, students should be able to devote approximately 10 hours to their TA experience. This is an all inclusive estimate for time spent in the UNIV classroom, time spent in the EDUC classroom, and time spent in preparation for participation for both.

  • For more information, please contact nsp@umd.edu

  • Apply to be a UNIV100 TA

  • Information about the UNIV100 TA position

  • The Fall 2019 UNIV100 TA Application is available HERE.