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The Office of Student Orientation and Transition offers students an opportunity to apply to serve in several student leadership roles on campus. You can apply to be an Orientation Advisor, Orientation Office Assistant and/or a Teaching Assistant and assist us as we support new students' in their transition to the University of Maryland, College Park. 

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Apply for Orientation Staff 2022

Do you have a ton of school spirit? Do you love making new friends? Do you wanna spend your summer in College Park?


At the Office of Student Orientation and Transition, our mission is to assist new undergraduate students in their transition to the University of Maryland, College Park. Our office is dedicated to hiring a well-rounded, diverse staff that is reflective of the student population we serve. As part of the Orientation staff, you will have the opportunity to enhance your public speaking and leadership skills, learn to work on a team, and develop relationships with your peers, as well as UMD faculty and staff.


Want to learn more? Visit us at the First Look Fair this Fall or join us for one of our Information Sessions!

  • Wednesday, September 15th @7:30 PM Edward St. John (ESJ) 1224
  • Wednesday, September 29th @7 PM Edward St. John (ESJ) 1224
  • Thursday, October 7th @10 AM Cole Field House (Cole) 1102
  • Tuesday, October 12th @7 PM Cambridge Community Center (CCC) 1205
  • Monday, October 18th @7:30 PM Edward St. John (ESJ) 1224
  • Friday, October 22nd @12:30 Cole Field House (Cole) 1102
  • Monday, October 25th @7:30 PM Edward St. John (ESJ) 1224

Come to one of our information sessions to learn more about the application process, and what it means to be an Orientation Advisor or Orientation Office Assistant.  


  • Working in the best office on campus!
  • $3500 Stipend
  • $250 Terrapin Express
  • Free On-campus housing during the summer
  • Free Summer Eppley Recreation Center Pass
  • Free Terp Swag
  • Free Summer Parking Pass
  • Meals
  • And much more!

Apply to be a Fall 2022 UNIV100 Teaching Assistant (TA)

Do you love helping others, making new friends, and want to develop your communication and leadership skills?

Apply to be a part of the Fall 2022 Teaching Assistant Cohort
View the Position Description & FAQs! {UPDATE}


UNIV100 is a one-credit seminar course that helps new students get the most out of their first semester at the University of Maryland. Students get to the opportunity to learn about campus resources while developing academic and social skills that will help them be successful throughout their experience at UMD!

Students will be in small classrooms (no more than 20) where they will develop a network of supportive peers. Classes are led by faculty and staff members from across campus that help connect students to the experiences they want!

Some topics students may learn about are:

  • Getting involved on campus with leadership opportunities and student organizations
  • Academic resources, study skills, and library resources
  • How to be a holistically healthy Terp
  • Campus traditions and athletics
  • How to be an impactful member of an inclusive campus community
  • Lots more!


UNIV100 Teaching Assistants (UNIV100 TA) serve as co-instructors and mentors within a section of UNIV100. They are considered student leaders and foundational members of the Office of Student Orientation and Transition. 

UNIV100 TAs are trained by the office of Student Orientation and Transition in leadership development, communication skills, helping skills, and educational pedagogy to help them form meaningful relationships with incoming first-year students while co-facilitating a section of UNIV100 with a professional staff member at UMD.


Want to learn more? Visit us at the First Look Fair this Fall or join us for one of our Information Sessions!

Come to one of our information sessions to learn more about the application process, and what it means to be UNIV100 Teaching Assistant 

  • Information Session Dates Coming Soon!


  • UNIV100 TAs will be trained in a variety of highly sought after skills, including: leadership exploration and development, interpersonal and group communication, mentoring and helping students, classroom management.
  • UNIV100 TAs will have the opportunity to form meaningful connections with students experiencing a critical life transition. 
  • TAs are seen as student leaders, mentors, and upon completing the role are coached to use their skills to pursue other leadership roles, internships, or jobs on and off campus.
  • Upon completion of the UNIV100 TA role, you have the opportunity to apply for two paid leadership positions within the UNIV100 program; the UNIV100 TA Coordinator and the UNIV100 Returning TA Role.
  • Will Summer 2022 be in person? What happens if COVID-19 prevents you from holding in-person orientation?
    • As of August 2021, the Office of Student Orientation and Transition intends to facilitate our traditional New Student and Terp Family Orientation in person on campus for Summer 2022. 
    • In the event of COVID-19 impacting our traditional in-person experience, we will facilitate a hybrid model with Optional On-Campus Visit Experiences and Online Orientation. 


  • Does the Orientation Office hire freshmen?
    • ABSOLUTELY! Our office hires all undergraduate students except for graduating seniors. 


  • Should I apply to be an Orientation Advisor or Orientation Office Assistant?
    • Both of our available positions are critical to the success of the Student Orientation and Transition Office. We encourage you to check out both position descriptions and responsibilities and if you have questions email us at orientation@umd.edu. 


  • Do we get time off during the summer when we work for orientation?
    • Orientation Staff Members have all weekends off and nights off on Tuesdays & Thursdays. We have one week off during the 4th of July and a week and a half off in August. We also make special exceptions for special life events such as Funerals, Weddings, & Graduations of relatives. All requests off must be shared in advance with the exception of funerals. We, unfortunately, cannot allow requests for family vacations and encourage people to schedule trips during our specific weeks off. 


  • Am I allowed to take Summer Classes or seek other employment while working for orientation?
    • ​​​​​​​Some students in the past have worked other jobs on the weekend or taken online classes while working during orientation. You would need to get any classes or additional employment approved by our office. However, our office aims to provide a healthy compensation package for students by providing a stipend, free housing, most meals, free parking, free gym pass, free UMD swag, & even Terrapin Express that can be used for laundry and additional meals. 


  • What if I can’t fit HESI318-O in my class schedule?
    • All Orientation Staff Members are required to take our Spring 2022 HESI318-O course on Tuesdays from 6:00 PM-8:30 PM. This course allows us to go over the fundamentals of orientation, transition, & retention, build community as a staff and prepare for the summer. Most students are able to count this course as an upper-level elective. This class can be taken with other required courses. 


  • The position description says you require staff to live on campus, what if I opted out of living on campus for the year due to COVID-19 can I still move.
    • We know that some applicants might have opted out of staying on campus during Fall 2021 and that is completely okay. Our office hires commuter students, out-of-state students, and students who have lived on campus. If you have concerns about moving into a residence hall for Summer 2022 please email orientation@umd.edu.
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